Go forward best. Look back first.

This mini documentary series opens up the compelling story of a chapter of Scottish history that is often ignored to reveal some surprising and hard hitting lessons for the future.


The Journey of the Covenant, Pt1 – Warriston’s Close, Edinburgh – SFH011

The National Covenant was renewed on the 28 February 1638.  Archibald Johnston, one of the drafters alongside Alexander Henderson, described that day as "The Glorious Marriage Day of the Kingdom With God."  Over steep steps and cobbled streets, Matthew Vogan traces...

Richard Cameron | Douglas, Lanarkshire | SFH010

Richard Cameron was one of the most influential figures among the Covenanters, but the story of what happened to his head and hands is rather grisly. Matthew Vogan of Reformation Scotland is joined again by Jimmy Fisher of Scottish Reformation Tours in the Lanarkshire...