Go forward best. Look back first.

This mini documentary series opens up the compelling story of a chapter of Scottish history that is often ignored to reveal some surprising and hard hitting lessons for the future.


Alexander Brodie – Brodie Castle, Forres – SFH036

Alexander Brodie was no hero. He was a poor sinner leaning upon all sufficient grace.  He knew what he called the deep deceits of his heart. He knew to lament and confess them to God. But One compromise risked leading to another... Matthew Vogan is at a very wet...
John Brown of Wamphray – SFH034

John Brown of Wamphray – SFH034

John Brown was the greatest theological writer in the later Covenanting period.  To find out more about Brown's writing and his profound insights into Christ and biblical Christianity, visit the Blog of John Brown at ReformationScotland.org To dig deeper, visit...