Often the scene of danger, Greenhill House now stands in a tranquil corner of the town of Biggar. Lady Greenhill was a wise and courageous protector of Covenanters who sought out her home as a place of refuge. She was a wanted woman by the authorities. Once Claverhouse arrived suddenly with a band of soldiers and there was no time to escape or hide. “Is Lady Greenhill within?” he demanded. ” I am Lady Greenhill,” she replied coolly. “If you were the lady, you would not so readily acknowledge it.” Her working clothes made her seem like a mere servant. After a search, they once again demanded the same question. She replied: “I am all that you will get for Lady Greenhill today”. Enraged they continued to search but got nowhere. Listen to some other stories connected to this remarkable place. Once a museum, sadly it is being sold, there are photographs of the interior here. You can sign a petition to retain the house for the community here.


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