Scotland’s Forgotten FOUNDATIONS

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This final part takes a more in-depth look at the legacy we have received from Scotland’s Forgotten History. It explores the various ways that the Westminster Assembly sought to reform the Church during a period of around five years after 1643. This period left a powerful legacy for us; four key foundations that both Christians and the Church need for the future.


How can we benefit today from the strong convictions and the deep insights into Christ and into biblical truth that were attained during this period of reformation and suffering?

bible study



Read Matthew 28:18-20

What does this passage tell us about the Lord Jesus Christ’s authority?

Does this include authority over the Church? In what ways is this authority mentioned in the passage?

What is the comfort of knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ controls everything for the good of His Church?  (see also Ephesians 1:22)

What does the promise of Christ’s presence to the end of the world imply regarding the mission that He gives to the Church?

The main verb in the original Greek is not “Go” but rather “disciple”. How does this change the way we understand the mission Christ gives to the Church?

What is the danger of evangelizing without properly discipling? 

Some bible versions translate this “make disciples out of all nations” but literally it is “disciple all nations”. It does not mean individual disciples alone but rather nations as nations. This makes it a much bigger mission, in fact as big as it could be since it takes all aspect of national life. Is this a new way of thinking for you?

Does the Lord Jesus give the Church the right to require disciples to obey things other than those commanded by Christ?

If discipling means teaching people to observe all that Christ has commanded, can we reduce it to just leading people to put their faith in Christ for the first time?

Is the Lord Jesus giving the Church a minimum or maximum standard of what to believe and obey here?

What are the implications of this requirement for the content of sermons?

When Christ says “teaching them to observe all things” this assumes that disciples are going to need a bit of discipline as well as information to keep them in the right way. Do you think this is something that the Church in general has lost sight of?

It is interesting to connect the last video together with this one. The Covenanters would only obey commands from Christ in the worship and life of the Church. It didn’t matter what authority the king of the nation claimed over the Church. They were willing both to suffer and die rather than disobey any aspect of Christ’s Great Commission. You have to have strong conviction in what you believe to do this. Would we be prepared to die for the latest trend sweeping across evangelical churches?

What did the Westminster Assembly achieve?


A foundation for many generations…
the victory of strong and prevailing truth.




Family Worship Guide

In a time when Christian families are under increasing attack, few now read the Bible and worship God as a family.  Yet family worship has been appointed by God with His special blessing for this purpose. Here is the key to family reformation which is itself indispensable for the reformation of Church and nation. This booklet shows the importance of worshipping God together as a family and contains practical guidance to help families engage in this vital and blessed duty.

It is extracted and updated from an older publication called The Directory of Family Worship. This is in no way meant to replace the original document which has a particular place in the Scottish Church. Instead, it shows its abiding relevance and may encourage many to read the original for themselves. Supplementary material from an earlier version of The Directory is also included.

(A5 Booklet – 26 pages)

Family Worship Pamphlet

The strapline under the title of this pamphlet is Family Worship and its Unique Blessings . It describes in a very attractive way the many blessings that family worship brings.  It shows how family worship is not only our duty: it is a great blessing. It is a means of blessing because it is a means of grace. God requires it for His glory but also for our good.

(A5 Pamphlet- 12 pages)

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