Go forward best. Look back first.

This mini documentary series opens up the compelling story of a chapter of Scottish history that is often ignored to reveal some surprising and hard hitting lessons for the future.


Thomas Case – Milk Street, London – SFH037

Thomas Case was an English Presbyterian minister and a member of the Westminster Assembly from 1643.  He was an enthusiastic supporter of the noble, yet short-lived Solemn League and Covenant that was intended to bind the British Isles together, writing, "To every...
The Crook Inn and The Birkhill Inn – SFH031

The Crook Inn and The Birkhill Inn – SFH031

A tale of two inns.  The Crook Inn (on the A701 near Tweedsmuir) and Birkhill Cottage (on the A708 near the Grey Mare's Tail Nature Reserve) were both used by Covenanters as well as Claverhouse and his dragoons. But what would happen if they...