Journey with us to the places where Scotland’s Forgotten History happened.


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Lanark Covenanter Memorial

"Lanark is a real Covenanter town..."  Matthew Vogan and Jimmy Fisher are at a large obelisk in St Kentigern’s churchyard in Lanark, which is covered on all four sides with inscriptions of names.  It was built to commemorate the men from the town who were...

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The Cameronians – Douglas & Dunkeld – SFH017

Jimmy Fisher is back with Matthew Vogan and they're in Douglas, Lanarkshire where the statue of James, Earl of Angus points the way to the location where the Cameronian Regiment first mustered on May 14th, 1689. The Regiment was made up of followers of the Covenanter,...

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Richard Cameron – Douglas, Lanarkshire – SFH010

Richard Cameron was one of the most influential figures among the Covenanters, but the story of what happened to his head and hands is rather grisly. Matthew Vogan of Reformation Scotland is joined again by Jimmy Fisher of Scottish Reformation Tours in the Lanarkshire...

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Donald Cargill – Covington Mill – SFH007

Lying in ashes and dodging swords. Jimmy Fisher of Scottish Reformation Tours joins Matthew Vogan on a back road in rural Lanarkshire to talk a little about Donald Cargill and some of his escapes.  (We will return to him again!) To dig deeper, visit...

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John Blackadder – North Berwick – SFH006

If 50 soldiers were sent into town to arrest you, would you be bold enough to invite them into your church so you could preach the Gospel to them?  That's what John Blackadder did. After being expelled from his pulpit for refusing to comply with the government...

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Simeon Ashe – Basinghall St, London – SFH005

It’s worth knowing that some of those who had an impact in Scotland’s forgotten history were not necessarily Scottish or those who visited Scotland. Matthew Vogan explains more from Basinghall Street in the city of London. To dig deeper, visit...

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Carnwath, Lanarkshire – SFH003

Matthew Vogan is joined this week by Jimmy Fisher of Scottish Reformation Tours to uncover the story engraved on a moss covered wall in Carnwath, South Lanarkshire. For more information on Scottish Reformation Tours, visit http://www.reformationtours.org/ To dig...

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