Find The Forgotten Foundations


Search the Scriptures

The companion workbook for the web documentary will help you study key passages of Scripture.  We want the focus to be on God and His Word rather than on individuals (no matter how godly).

Four Sessions

Help you think more deeply about the issues raised in each of the documentary episodes.

Practical and Relevant

Grow in knowledge, holiness and obedience. Our prayer is that this course would be useful for many people to help them increase their understanding of how to apply Scripture in their lives today.

Challenging and Inspiring

We hope you find that studying the issues raised in the documentary enriches your understanding of what God has done for His Church in the past and can yet do.

Small Groups

Certain pages in the workbook are designed for printing at home to be used as discussion guide handouts for small group bible studies.

Second Reformation


The Times

This small pamphlet shows how the Second Reformation period was was not only a period of radical reformation and rediscovery of Biblical truth in the Church of Scotland. It was also the period of greatest revival throughout the whole nation that Scotland has ever experienced. There are 7 key points that demonstrate the truth of this claim.

(A5 Pamphlet- 12 pages)


Reformed Worship Guide

Do you know what a service of reverent worship grounded upon Scriptural principles looks like?  This booklet explains more and will be helpful for those who conduct public worship as well as those seeking for worship that truly honours God.

(A5 Booklet – 30 pages)

Are you worshipping God your way or His?

Did you realise that Scripture makes it clear that God is the only One who can determine how He is to be worshipped?  You can view this leaflet or download for free at the Reformation Scotland website by clicking the button below. Hard copies of the leaflet can be ordered in bulk quantities.

(A5 Leaflet – double sided)



Your Family

In a time when Christian families are under increasing attack, few now read the Bible and worship God as a family.  Yet family worship has been appointed by God with His special blessing for this purpose. Here is the key to family reformation which is itself indispensable for the reformation of Church and nation.


Worshipping God together as a family is of vital importance. This booklet contains practical guidance to help families engage in this vital and blessed duty.

(A5 Booklet – 26 pages)

Family Worship Pamphlet

Did you know God requires family worship for His glory but also for our good? It is not only our duty: it is a great blessing, because it is a means of grace.

(A5 Pamphlet- 12 pages)

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